5 Jul 2004

Nauru government looks for alternative headquarters in Melbourne after eviction

3:18 pm on 5 July 2004

The Nauru government says talks are underway to secure new long-term headquarters in Australia.

Receivers have forced the Nauru Phosphate Corporation and the public affairs department out of two floors of Nauru House in Melbourne.

A spokeswoman for public affairs, Helen Bogdan, says no decision's yet been made on where the government office may be forced to move to, as a result of the country's debt crisis.

But, Ms Bogdan is ruling out a move into either of Nauru's two hotels in Melbourne.

"One is the Savoy Park Plaza in Spencer Street, and the other is the Downtowner on Lygon in Carlton; so they're not appropriate for Nauru to have its government offices."

Helen Bogdan says lawyers are examining Nauru's attempts to stay on in Nauru House whilst a refinancing deal is put together.