1 Jul 2004

Transparency International calls for action over faults in Vanuatu's electoral system

8:55 pm on 1 July 2004

Transparency International in Vanuatu says up to 40 percent of the names on the country's electoral rolls are invalid.

Voter in Vanuatu will choose a new Government on July 6th after the Govenrment called a snap election in May.

Transparency's president, Marie Noelle Ferrieux Patterson, says several independent assessments of the country's electoral system since the poll of 2002 report the same faults and there has been no effort to remedy the problems.

She says they had asked the Electoral Commission and the Government to re-register all voters and check the information collected.

Mrs Ferrieux Patterson says they also want prospective politicians convicted of crimes to face the same restrictions that would apply if they sought work in the public service.

"so it is a softer law for politicians than for public servants, so we would have liked, at least, to have seen that adjusted to be the same, and also, maybe compulsory voting, which we couldn't do, but maybe to push people to vote more"