1 Jul 2004

Airline starts up Guam-Marianas route

10:35 am on 1 July 2004

Continental Micronesia is debuting its new air service to Rota, located between Guam and Saipan today.

The airline will use a Cessna service in partnership with Cape Air, three times a day.

A spokesman for Continental Micronesia, Wally Dyer, says he hopes the new service will improve tourism to the region.

He says one of the main attractions on Roda is a world class golf course resort.

"As the region bounces back from all the bad news over the past two or three years, Roda is kind of a little bit of a different destination say from Guam or Saipan. It also has offerings the other two islands don't have so its a way we can create some differences in our product that we sell to our customers around the area and I think with the rebound in tourism, its the perfect time to do so."

Wally Dyer says the flights to Roda will cost US$140 return, from Guam.