30 Jun 2004

Papua group calls for surrender of gunman in Freeport ambush

1:27 pm on 30 June 2004

A human rights group in the Indonesian province of Papua says the man who is accused of killing three teachers in an ambush near the Freeport mine two years ago should surrender.

The US has indicted Anthonius Wamang for the killings which put a strain on US/Indonesian relations.

But the group, Elsham, says it is wrong to say he was acting for the OPM separatists, describing him as a man angry about the injustices being committed in his tribal area by the Indonesian military.

An Elsham spokesperson, John Rumbiak, says Mr Wamang should apologise and let the courts examine the incident.

"This is the time that everybody has to sit down to get to talk about this and convince Anthonius and his other people involved in the ambush to surrender."

John Rumbiak of Elsham