30 Jun 2004

RAMSI boss restates rebuilding will take time

1:24 pm on 30 June 2004

The head of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, Nick Warner, says the process of rebuilding the country will take many years and the contributing countries need to remain focussed.

Mr Warner is leading a delegation of RAMSI personnel to the countries which have provided manpower to the mission over the past year.

He says they want to say thank you but also to point out the job is not yet done.

Mr Warner says there is still a certain fragility in terms of security while the process of rebuilding the country's institutions and economic base will take years.

"It is important that we all remain focussed and committed to that process of rebuilding the nation. It is important that the contribution of all the Pacific Island states, and Australia and New Zealand, continue in respect of the police and the military."

Nick Warner.

He says Tuvalu is expected to shortly begin contributing personnel to RAMSI, meaning eleven countries will be involved.