30 Jun 2004

More witnesses called before American Samoa Senate Select Committee

10:21 am on 30 June 2004

In American Samoa, Senator Tuaolo Fruean is due to be questioned by the Senate Select Investigative Committee today over thousands of dollars worth of construction projects and purchases which he approved while Senate President.

The SSIC chairman Senator Lualemaga Faoa has confirmed that the senator has been supboened and will be questioned by the committee today.

Another interest of the committee is an air conditioning maintenance contract approved by Senator Tuaolo and reimbursements paid to him for expenses incurred during off island trips.

The committee had also issued a subpoena for Senator Tulifua Lam Yuen but Lualemaga says Tulifua has been off island and he therefore cannot be served.

Fono sources say that more than half a million dollars has been paid for renovations to Fono offices and furniture purchases which were not put out for tender.

Also set to appear today is Motu Junior Seui, special assistant to Governor Togiola who will be questioned about operations of the Veterans Memorial Stadium.