29 Jun 2004

American Samoan governor may be quizzed on spending

10:29 am on 29 June 2004

The American Samoan governor, Togiola Tulafono, could be subpoenaed to answer questions over government spending.

Lualemaga E Faoa, the chairman of the Senate Select Investigative Committee, says he doesn't believe Togiola has the authority to agree to spending government funds on renovating a house of the former governor's wife.

And, he says the governor's actions are not allowed, under the territory's laws.

Lualemaga says he's written officially to governor Togiola demanding some answers and if they're not satisfactory, the committee will consider other action.

"It is a possibility that I might subpoena the governor to come in and tell the SSIC about what has happened, as I informed him."

Lualemaga says he also wants to know why the territorial administration's selling off government assets and allowing private use of government vehicles.