25 Jun 2004

American Samoa perks dispute continues

1:55 pm on 25 June 2004

Cabinet members from two former American Samoan administrations have disputed claims by Governor Togiola Tulafono that renovating private residences of outgoing governors is a typical government function.

The governor said he approved the renovations to a home belonging to the parents of former First Lady Fagaoalii Sunia because similar things had been done for other governors

He also said that the government had paid relocation expenses to former governors.

However, a member of the former Coleman administration said no government money for any purpose was given to the former governor at the end of his term.

The same sentiments were expressed by a cabinet member of the Lutali years who said that Togiola was not speaking the truth when he told the newspaper that what was given to Mrs Sunia was a pattern from past governors.

The former director said Governor Lutali built his home with his own funds while he was in office.

And when he left office the government did not provide any relocation costs or a car for him.