24 Jun 2004

Cooks candidate decries inducements in politics

3:59 pm on 24 June 2004

An independent candidate in the Cook Islands elections says the tradition of voters providing funding which candidates use as inducements, such as food and drink, has a devastating impact on some families.

Terri Carr, who has been with the reformist Group for Political Change, has thrown her hat in the ring, and says she will not be using inducements in her campaigning.

That position has drawn flak from veteran politician, Norman George, who says that is the way its done in the Cooks.

But Terri Carr says people have told her it is too heavy a burden.

"They've had to fund so many party-campaigning things in the past they have been virtually left with no money after the campaigning is done. And then the MP has gone on to go into parliament and they are left at the end of the day with absolutely nothing left in their pocket."

Terri Carr.