22 Jun 2004

Veteran Cooks MP dumped from his party

3:27 pm on 22 June 2004

The president of the Cook Islands Democratic Party says MP, Norman George, has this morning been sacked from the party.

Makiuti Tongia said the decision was made by the party's executive and a letter will be sent to the MP this week.

Mr George says, however, that he can't be sacked as he was not a fully paid up member of the party.

But, Mr Tongia said it was important to take a stand:

"'We wanted to show that the party is united, that no attempt by MPs who want to run thier own agenda would weaken the resolve of the executive and of the party."

The President of the Cook Islands Democratic Party, Makiuti Tongia.

Meanwhile, Norman George says he will announce details of the new party he plans to form, later this week.

He says the party will field seven candidates and his aim is for it to hold the balance of power in government after the elections.