21 Jun 2004

French Polynesia's decolonisation not likely to be on formal agenda at Forum

8:27 pm on 21 June 2004

The Pacific Islands Forum is unlikely to put the issue of decolonisation in French Polynesia on the agenda for the next leaders meeting in Apia in August.

Oscar Temaru, who was elected President of the Territory last week, had said a priority is getting observer status at the Forum and having the subject of its quest for decolonisation on the agenda there.

But the Chair of the Forum, New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark, doubts decolonising French Polynesia will be a formal part of the agenda, but she points out the Forum decided last year to send a fact finding mission to the territory.

"to assess whether it was approaching, meeting the criteria for Observer Status at the Pacific Islands Forum, so if there is any discussion about French Polynesia I imagine it is more likely to be around when the mission should be sent and receiving a report from that mission"