18 Jun 2004

Cook Islands Democratic party vows not to form a coalition

3:54 pm on 18 June 2004

The Cook Islands Democratic Party says it will not enter into a coalition to form government after the election.

The president, Makituti Tongia, says the message from the party's grassroots supporters is that they should not form any affiliations with rival political entities after the September 7 election.

Mr Tongia, who dismisses rumours of a split within his party's ranks, says the Democrats see coalitions as the main reason for the political instability of recent years.

He says the perception is that their rivals, the Cook Islands Party, will have to divide them to beat them.

"And we're not entering into any coalition arrangement with the Cook Islands Party or any other party that might form over the next few weeks or any independents. But we don't believe any independents are going to get in anyway. If it's a hung parliament, we'll go back and ask for another mandate, go back to the election."

Makituti Tongia