17 Jun 2004

European Union attacked for supporting Fiji Citizens Forum

10:57 am on 17 June 2004

One of the six Fiji people facing serious coup related charges for joining George Speight's failed administration has attacked the European Union for funding the Citizens Constitutional Forum.

Peceli Rinakama's trial was to begin on Tuesday but was adjourned because some of the defence lawyers in the case wanted more time to prepare their arguments.

Mr Rinakama says the CCF is a racist and sexist organisation with no respect for the Fiji constitution.

He says European Union funding for the CCF makes the EU look like they are buying human souls in return for European dollars.

Mr Rinakama points to what he says are "European acts of genocide, homicide, ethnocide, massive land grabs, colonisation, imposed constitutions and Euro-centric laws" forced on numerous countries all around the world.

He says the EU and the CCF are making a big mistake in thinking they can use European money to engage in the dissemination of anti-Fijian racist and sexist propaganda.

Mr Rinakama's attack is based on his objections to the CCF's views on the use of the word Fijian to describe all citizens of the country.