17 Jun 2004

Cooks to go to the polls on September 7th

10:54 am on 17 June 2004

The Cook Islands Prime Minister, Dr Robert Woonton, says the next general election will be held in the country on September the seventh.

Dr Woonton says there will be a single-issue referendum held at the same time as the election on whether the term of Parliament should be four or five years.

He says he's confident he will be re-elected and continue as Prime Minister.

He says he will campaign on the Government's achievements and the need to stay the course.

"To me it's maintianing the course that we have developed in the last five years and maintaining the economic wellbeing of the country, that's very important for our surviva. We need to develop tourism further, especially in the outer islands, spread the wealth of the nation to not just those in the main islands and those close by, but those further away from the mainland."