16 Jun 2004

Solomons churchman calls for RAMSI to do more to boost the rebuilding of the country

5:31 pm on 16 June 2004

A leading Solomon Islands churchman says the Regional Assistance Mission should work more closely with communities to boost the country's infrastructure.

The Catholic Archbishop Adrian Smith says Ramsi should liaise with chiefs over projects that would involve the large number of young people living in rural areas.

He says this would boost the cash flow in underdeveloped areas and contribute to economic development generally, as well as improving Ramsi's public image.

"If the personnel were attached to RAMSI it probably would offset the feeling that RAMSI is just government-structure orientated. I think it would be a good public exercise for Ramsi. I think it would help RAMSI to become more user-friendly rather than being seen as people who are dominating the institutions and trying to get the institutions up and running, which of course is very important, but it's only one side of life."

Archbishop Adrian Smith.