16 Jun 2004

New voters boost American Samoa's electoral roll

8:22 am on 16 June 2004

American Samoa's Election Office reports that large numbers of new voters and voter renewals are registering every day.

Deputy Chief Election Officer Filivaa Mageo says about 20 to 30 registrations are being processed by their office on a daily basis.

He credits the numbers to gubernatorial camps canvassing young people who are of voting age and bringing them into the Election Office to register.

In the 2002 election the number of registered voters was over 14,000 but only about 10,000 actually cast ballots.

Mageo estimates that between 2,000-3,000 new voters will be added to the voter roll this year.

Voter registration closes on October 4.

Election Day is November 2 and voters will elect a new governor and lt. governor, a non voting delegate to the US Congress and 20 of the 21 Representatives to the American Samoa Legislature.

The non voting delegate from Swains is selected by consensus at a meeting of the people of Swains.

The 19 members of the Senate are selected through consensus from among the chiefs of the territory's voting districts.