15 Jun 2004

French Polynesia's new President suggests a referendum on the Territory's future

4:08 pm on 15 June 2004

The new president of French Polynesia is to push ahead with plans to pursue independence for the territory.

Oscar Temaru, who was elected president unopposed this morning, says the majority of people have decided on change, and it is time for change.

He says although the elections delivered a coalition government, he will manage the process through to seeking a referendum on the territory's future.

And, Mr Temaru believes France can be approached on the issue.

"The French government has managed to set up the Accord of Matignon, the accord of New Caledonia for New Caledonia. Why don't we use the same process for our country to, one day, get our sovereignty back"

French Polynesia's new president, Oscar Temaru.


A new Government MP says there will be an audit of government spending, after reports of alleged abuse of public funds by the outgoing president, Gaston Flosse, and his party.

Tea Hirshon says the judiciary has never acted on the allegations and she does not fully trust it to be neutral.

One of the first things we'll have to do is ask for limitation of the judiciary's time here. We feel in such a small country, to keep their neutrality, it should be limited to ten years.