15 Jun 2004

Vanuatu Cabinet Minister says people concerned at slow implementation of Government policy

4:02 pm on 15 June 2004

A senior Vanuatu government minister accepts that coalition governments are slow to deliver on policy and he has some sympathy for people who have raised concerns.

52 of the 219 candidates in next month's election are independents.

And, observers say this is a sign of frustration that the established parties do not live up to party policies once elected.

The Foreign Affairs Minister, Moana Carcasses, agrees that policy is sometimes slow to be legislated.

"It's true that they are fed up with political parties who have a strong platform, that when they go to government, they don't implement this platform. If people vote for you and you are trying your best to apply the policy that you are preaching, people will stay with you. But to do it, to act, is very difficult. I mean there is no party with a majority and I think the difficulty for the prime minister is to try to find a policy that will satisfy everyone."

Vanuatu's Foreign Affairs Minister, Moana Carcasses.