14 Jun 2004

French Pacific territories fail to have a member elected to European Parliament

3:40 pm on 14 June 2004

The French Pacific territories have failed to get a member elected into the new and enlarged 732-seat European parliament in Strasbourg.

For the first time, all French overseas territories were put into a single electorate to be added to the seven in mainland France.

With the EU enlargement to 25 countries, France is now entitled to only 78 seats and results show the three overseas members all are from the Indian Ocean department, La Reunion.

They are Paul Verges, Jean-Claude Fruteau and Margie Sudre.

The highest scores in French Polynesia was for the list headed by Mrs Sudre and which also included the finance minister in the former French Polynesian government, Georges Puchon.

The list headed by Mr Verges also had among its top candidates French Polynesia's Nicole Bouteau.

Turnout in French Polynesia was under 40 percent, and in New Caledonia it was 16 percent.