10 Jun 2004

Hong Kong police arrest man linked to Fiji drug bust

10:01 pm on 10 June 2004

Hong Kong police have taken into custody a man linked to the 600-million US dollar drug bust in Fiji on Wednesday.

Radio Legend says the man was the money launderer for the Asian criminal syndicate which set up what was the largest lab in the southern hemisphere to manufacture the illicit drug, meth-amphetamine.

Hong Kong police have seized 2.5 million US dollars in cash as well as property worth 320-thousand dollars.

The police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says further inquiries are under way in Fiji and overseas with witnesses being questioned and statements obtained.

Further suspects will be interviewed.

The four Asian nationals and three Fiji citizens arrested in Fiji yesterday are still being questioned.

New Zealand police specialists are still working to secure the lab and dangerous chemicals found in Suva, with the work expected to take two weeks.