10 Jun 2004

New Caledonia's government falls hours after choosing new President

4:23 pm on 10 June 2004

New Caledonia is set to make a fresh attempt at electing a government after three ministers resigned within hours of a new administration being formed.

Congress had chosen two women for the post of President and Vice President.

Marie-Noelle Themereau, who heads the Future Together Party, was elected President and Dewe Gorodey from the Uni FLNKS party was made vice-president.

In the election process to form a 11-member collegial government, the Rassemblement-UMP party lost one of the four seats it was entitled to because of a blank ballot paper.

The three Rassemblement ministers have now resigned.

In the vote the Future Together Party came out with five positions, two went to the Uni FLNKS and one to USV.

Mrs Themereau now says fresh elections will be held in two weeks.