10 Jun 2004

New Caledonia elects Marie-Noelle Themereau as president

1:20 pm on 10 June 2004

New Caledonia's territorial congress has elected a woman to the post of president and also chose woman vice president.

The vote comes a month after the Rassemblement-UMP party of Jacques Lafleur lost its relative majority in parliament in provincial elections.

Tuo Chinula reports.

"The president of New Caledonia is Marie-Noelle Themereau and the vice-president is another woman, Dewe Gorodey, so it was quite an historic vote to have two women heading the government. In their speeches after the election both women spoke of the fact that he government is headed by women. Marie-Noelle Themereau paid homage to all the women of New Caledonia for their contribution to the construction of the country and Dewe Gorodey said it's a great day for the women of New Caledonia."

Tuo Chinula reporting from Noumea