10 Jun 2004

PNG minister says globalisation needs a counterweight

10:42 am on 10 June 2004

Papua New Guinea's minister of public services, Sinai Brown, says balancing the obligations arising from globalisation with the everyday needs or people is a big challenge for Pacific leaders.

Mr Brown, in Rotorua for the Forum Economic Ministers Meeting, says the ministers recognise globalisation can't be the region's only driver of growth.

He says they recognise they are part of the international community, but this matters little to someone wondering where his next meal, is going to come from.

"So we are recognising the global responsibilities that we have, and the commitment - we also have a commitment to make sure that family units, at the end of the day, have got enough to eat, has got enough clean water to drink, and it's got to have money to educate its children, and pay for its medical expenses."