10 Jun 2004

NGO hopes corruption report will sway Pacific ministers

10:36 am on 10 June 2004

Transparency International hopes a hard-hitting report on integrity systems for Pacific countries will create a groundswell to end abuse of public office.

The TI assessment was presented to Pacific finance ministers at a Forum meeting in Rotorua.

Peter Aitsi of TI Papua New Guinea says up till now there has been no political will to end the abuse.

But he says the ministers at the FEMM meeting have been receptive to their presentation:

"Some ministers back in the countries where the reports were done may feel a little unease, but I hope that the community groundswell that will come from these surveys will push them into line, and hopefully have them pass the appropriate legislation and provide the appropriate level of support for the institutions that are tasked with carrying out the act of policing."