9 Jun 2004

Former Fiji PM seeks damages for injuries suffered during 2000 coup

10:34 am on 9 June 2004

Court documents filed in Fiji reveal that the former prime minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, suffered three broken ribs from beatings during the coup.

Mr Chaudhry and his government were held captive for 56 days by George Speight and his rebels.

The Daily Post reports that the broken ribs were among other injuries suffered by Mr Chaudhry who with fellow Labour MP, Dr Ganesh Chand, is claiming 3-point-6 million US dollars in compensation from Speight, the Fiji military and the Fiji police.

The court documents reveal that both men were assaulted and abused on several occasions, and suffered severe injuries and mental trauma.

As well, Mr Chaudhry suffered injuries to his knee which required surgery and both men suffered various bruises and abrasions, shock and concussion and considerable loss of weight.

Mr Chaudhry and Dr Chand were also threatened to abandon their religion and convert to Christianity.

The damages case will be heard in the Suva High Court but no date has been fixed. END