8 Jun 2004

Former Fiji police commissioner may face abuse of office charge

10:37 am on 8 June 2004

Fiji's police commissioner says he believes there is enough evidence to charge his predecessor with abuse of office.

Andrew Hughes says the police taskforce investigating Colonel Isikia Savua's alleged role in the 2000 coup has decided to refer the case to the director of public prosecutions.

Mr Hughes says the police believe they have a good case and the matter will be referred to the public prosecutor today.

He says that Fiji's statute of limitations means the opportunity to charge Col Savua with treason expired more than two years ago, and abuse of office is the best alternative.

"Well that's the one that we believe our evidence strongly supports. But again, in the next step of the process, its for the DPP to determine if in fact that is an appopriate charge or if there are indeed other charges that are more appropriate. But on our assessment of it, that's certainly where we're looking."

Mr Hughes says that abuse of office is punishable by a term of imprisonment