8 Jun 2004

Solomons prosecutors hold long-delayed hearings in Temotu province

10:38 am on 8 June 2004

A police prosecutor in Solomon Islands says he believes crime in outlying areas will drop now that magistrates are able to bring offenders to justice.

Sergeant George Ofu took part in the first visit by a magistrate to the remote Temotu province in six years, and helped try 35 cases, one dating back to 1991.

He says the delay was caused by the recent unrest in the Solomons, but the local people were relieved that criminals were being dealt with.

"They are very good people, very kind, and they are very happy to see a magistrate touring the province after so many years that there has been no magistrate touring that province. They are coming forward to meet us and they are very happy to see us."

Sergeant Ofu says more regular judicial tours are now being planned to other outlying areas.