7 Jun 2004

New Zealand signs MOU to give millions in education aid to Solomons

5:31 pm on 7 June 2004

New Zealand, the European Union and Solomon Islands have signed an agreement which will provide nearly 21 million US dollars over three years to ensure children in the Solomons receive a good basic education.

The New Zealand Foreign Minister Phil Goff signed an MOU today in Honiara, where he is leading a delegation of parliamentarians, business and civil society representatives.

Mr Goff says New Zealand assistance has been vital in keeping schools open for young children during the crisis in Solomon Islands.

He says it will continue to be critical for children to get a quality of education if the Solomons is to progress as a nation and be able to stand on its own feet.

The funding through the New Zealand aid agency, NZAID, more than doubled this year, with the bulk of the money going to the education sector.