7 Jun 2004

Solomon Islands Cabinet Minister renews call for West to clean up sunken war ships.

3:47 pm on 7 June 2004

Solomon Island MPs have again urged the countries who fought the Second World War to clean up the mess they left behind in Solomon Islands.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Alex Bartlett, told Parliament that Solomon Islands has a deadly museum in the Iron Bottom Sound between Honiara and Ngella and Savo Islands in the Central Islands Province.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports a study by the South Pacific Geo-science Commission some years ago found that one-hundred-and-eleven military vessels lie on the bottom of Iron Bottom Sound.

These include 65 Japanese vessels, 44 American, and one each from Australia and New Zealand.

The South Pacific Regional Environment Programme has said that the Pacific is facing an environmental disaster from the hundreds of sunken and rusting oil-laden warships.

It had said it's not a question of if they will leak, it's a question of when.