4 Jun 2004

Plan for Vanuatu opposition parties to join forces

1:10 pm on 4 June 2004

The parliamentary opposition in Vanuatu is reported to be trying to gather parties under one banner.

The Union of Moderate Parties is said to be preparing to join at least three other parties to increase their chances of defeating Prime Minister Natapei in upcoming elections.

Here's our correspondent in Port Vila, Kalvau Moli.

"The biggest bloc is the Union of Moderate Parties of Leader of the Opposition, Serge Vohor, and that proposal was suggested by controversial former prime minister Barak Tame Sope, and it looks in principle, that would be the way to go, and that coalition bloc would bring together prominent independents, plus three major parties within the opposition bloc, and that is the Union of Moderate Parties, Melanesian Progressive Party, the Peoples' Progressive Party, and the Friendly Melanesian Party, and National Community Association, which is an independent bloc."

The election is on July 6th.