3 Jun 2004

Gaston Flosse's spokesman says they won't cause any trouble as police deployed in French Polynesia

8:34 pm on 3 June 2004

Two squadrons of French police have arrived in French Polynesia following last week's shock election result.

The poll left Mr Temaru's opposition Tavini Huiraatira party, able to form a majority coalition and poised to take power.

The French High Commission in Papeete say the 300 police officers are there as reinforcements.

The spokesman for President Gaston Flosse, Yves Haupert, says despite the arrival of the police, he is not expecting any trouble.....but if there is any, it won't be caused by their party.

"there is a possibility that there is trouble, not if Oscar Temaru is elected as President, but in the other case, if he don't win the 10th June, it's possible there are some people around him, not Oscar Temaru himself, but some people from his party decided to make some trouble in the town especially near the Assembly."

The spokesman for President Gaston Flosse, Yves Haupert