3 Jun 2004

Former Fiji police commissioner may yet face charges over coup allegations

10:28 am on 3 June 2004

The file on the latest coup-related investigations into the former Fiji police commissioner, Col Isikia Savua, is most likely to go to the director of public prosecutions.

This is so state prosecutors can decide whether charges should be laid.

"Radio Legend says this has been confirmed by the current commissioner, Andrew Hughes, after police interviewed Col Savua for two hours in Suva yesterday WEDS"

Col Savua has been facing widespread allegations that he plotted the Speight coup.

Commissioner Hughes says police have unearthed "a body of evidence which suggests Col Savua may have a case to answer."

But, he says, there are still allegations and the man is innocent until proven guilty.

Mr Hughes say the allegations have been made, they have been investigated and Col Savua has had the opportunity to state his version of the events.

He says this will need to be assessed internally by the police and then most likely by the director of public prosecutions.

If necessary, police will interview Col Savua again before he returns to New York where he is Fiji's ambassador to the United Nations