2 Jun 2004

PNG health chiefs say thousands of kina are being lost through the new payroll system

3:52 pm on 2 June 2004

Papua New Guinea hospital chief executives say a new payroll system introduced by the Government has created more problems than it has solved.

The new system was introduced to remove ghost names from the payroll bt had instead resurrected the names of those who had been terminated or who were dead.

And they say some people had been grossly overpaid while others had been significantly underpaid.

The Post Courier reports the CEOs saying unless it is dealt with the country will continue to lose thousands of kina, because the system has no inbuilt mechanismto stop the processing of wrong figures.

The CEOs have also called for stricter controls on the selling of pharmceutical drugs without prescriptions, incentives to attract specialists to serve at remote hospitals and a freeze on staff recruitment to be lifted.