2 Jun 2004

Fiji's Native Lands Board faces growing criticism from indigenous landowners

10:18 am on 2 June 2004

Fiji's Native Lands Trust Board is coming under increasingly fierce criticism from angry indigenous landowners.

The Fiji Sun reports that an indigenous landowning unit which has laid claim to the site of the proposed 1-billion dollar Studio City is demanding transparency from the NLTB and the government.

Preparatory work on the Studio City has come to a halt with a spokesman for the disgruntled clan, Eseroma Tuibua, saying the landowners will NOT give in to the illegal activities of the NLTB.


Mr Tuibua says it is now up to the investor, Paradise Investment Limited, to say whether they still have faith in the NLTB.

He says the landowners will not allow work to start until their claim is resolved.

Meanwhile, an angry indigenous Fijian cane farmer in Ra has attacked the NLTB for deducting almost all of his cane payment last week, leaving only 67-cents for him.

Esala Namure says the NLTB took almost the entire 679-dollar payment without his authority and he has nothing left to feed his three children.