1 Jun 2004

Commonwealth ministers cite elimination of poverty as the key to achieving equality

1:45 pm on 1 June 2004

The seventh Commonwealth Women's Affairs Ministers Meeting in Nadi in Fiji, has focussed on the need to eliminate poverty, as the key to achieving gender equality.

The meeting is developing a new version of the Commonwealth Gender Plan of Action.

The New Zealand Women's Affairs Minister, Ruth Dyson, says there's been a call for a more specific focus and greater accountability, on the eradication of poverty.

She says, for the delegates, poverty is the central issue, whether focussing on human rights, education, access to justice, conflict resolution, or the eradication of AIDS.

"'whatever the discussion we have had over the last couple of days has always come back to, unless you have that eradication of poverty this will continue to be a problem, so that's really been quite a major drive behind all the rest of the discussions"

Ruth Dyson.