1 Jun 2004

Norfolk Island police name persons of interest to inquest

7:40 am on 1 June 2004

Police investigating the unexplained death of a woman on Norfolk Island have named persons of interest to the inquiry.

The Australian Federal Police detective, Bob Peters, says investigations have focussed on those people close to Janelle Patton.

It's the first time police have issued names of importance to them since Miss Patton's battered body was found on Easter Sunday, 2002.

Detective Sergeant Peters says this included her parents, Ron and Carol, although there was no evidence linking them to her death.

Miss Patton's former friend and workmate, Susan Fieldes and Charles Menghetti, with whom she briefly lodged, were also named.

Detective Sergeant Peters is expected to name more persons of interest to the investigation today, when the inquest continues before the Coroner, Ron Cahill.