31 May 2004

Fiji PM's call for voting along ethnic grounds attacked by opposition

7:01 am on 31 May 2004

There has been strong criticism of the call by Fiji's prime minister for all indigenous Fijians to vote along racial lines and support his SDL party to maintain political control of the country.

The opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, says Laisenia Qarase's call is detrimental to Fiji's short and long-term interest.

He said it ignores the fact that he is the prime minister of all the people of Fiji.

Mr Beddoes has told the FIJI SUN that as prime minister, Mr Qarase should lead the call for unity among all races.

Mr Beddoes says the interests of the indigenous community will never be realised if their political leaders continue to urge them to remain politically isolated from other communities.