29 May 2004

Former coup prisoner in Fiji says island convicts nurtured 'evil beliefs'

8:16 am on 29 May 2004

It's been revealed in Fiji some of the former coup convicts serving sentences on Nukulau Island developed "evil spiritual beliefs" and cried all day.

The Fiji Sun says this has been disclosed, by one of the former inmates, and a member of the pro-coup Conservative Alliance, Major Josefa Savua, at the party's annual general meeting.

Major Savua said the evil beliefs and all-day sobbing, by members of the Vanua Tako Lavu Nationalist Party, caused a rift among the coup prisoners, who belonged to different nationalist parties.

He said, as a result of this strange behaviour, the Conservative Alliance, will now sever all links with the Vanua Tako Lavu Party.

It was revealed last year that the treason convict, who's also the president of the Vanua Tako Lavu party, Iliesa Duvuloco, had been moved along with his fellow convict, Josefa Nata, from Nukulau to Suva Prison, because of fighting among the prisoners.

The coup front man, George Speight, is now the only prisoner on Nukulau.