26 May 2004

Fiji PM says Labour boycott of sugar industry talks not a problem

6:12 am on 26 May 2004

Fiji's prime minister has dismissed the Labour Party's continuing boycott of a joint parliamentary select committee set up to rescue the country's ailing sugar industry.

Laisenia Qarase, who is chairing a two-day meeting of the committee now under way, has told Radio Fiji that the Labour boycott makes their work very easy.

The committee is reviewing the report of an Indian Technical Mission which studied Fiji's sugar industry earlier this year and recommended strategies for its rescue.

Mr Qarase says the Labour boycott will not worry the government or hinder the process of revitalising the industry.

He says they need the support of the stakeholders in the industry, not that of the Labour Party.

But he says the recommendations are so good that he does not expect any difficulties from the stakeholders.