21 May 2004

Samoa's acting Prime Minister welcomes New Zealand's call to review of Freindship Treaty

5:06 pm on 21 May 2004

The Acting prime minister of Samoa, Misa Telefoni, has welcomed comments by the New Zealand Foreign Minister that the countries should work together to review the Treaty of Friendship.

Misa says there have been defects in the way the Treaty has been handled.

He says one example is the annual quota of 1100 Samoans allowed into New Zealand.

But Misa says there are other aspects which should make New Zealand soften its immigration policies.

"New Zealand government allows 46 countries to enter New Zealand without visas, including Germany who were at war with them in two World wars in the last hundred years, and yet Samoa, which has a Treaty of Friendship with New Zealand and one of the only, if not the only, Treaty of Friendship, our people have to go through very onerous visa applications and scrutiny before they're even allowed access into New Zealand."

Misa Telefoni