22 May 2004

Fiji police officers commended for courage during coup

6:29 am on 22 May 2004

A group of Fiji police officers has received the police commissioner's commendation at a ceremony in Suva, for showing exceptional courage, and devotion to duty, during the coup.

The 28 officers were from the Sawani, Korovou and Levuka police stations who were taken hostage by George Speight's rebels as they attempted to seize all stations around the country.

They were held captive for over a week and beaten on orders from parliament.

Korovou police officers were taken by gun-toting rebels led by Speight's cousin, Varenava Tiko.

Emotional officers honoured yesterday said they had taken an oath to uphold law and order and were simply doing their duty.

While these officers upheld their oaths, some of their seniors in Suva were helping in the coup by transporting military weapons to parliament.

The former police commissioner, Colonel Isikia Savua, remains under investigation for his alleged involvement.