20 May 2004

Cook Islands parliament to double workload for period

10:30 am on 20 May 2004

Cook Islands MPs will attend double sittings of parliament for two or three weeks when it sits for the first time this year next Monday in an effort to pass urgent legislation.

During the day members will discuss a variety of legislation including a range of bills relating to regulation of the offshore industry and combating international terrorism.

These are important steps in getting the Cook Islands off the Financial Action Task Force's blacklist of countries that do not conform with international regulations.

The Appropriation Bill approving the budget will be debated during the evening sessions.

The Prime Minister's adviser, and Leader of the House, Norman George, says any spare time that members have, will be devoted to debating the various reports that have accumulated over a number of years

Mr George says there will be very little rest for MPs as there is a need to clean up as many of the reports as possible.