14 May 2004

American Samoa committe to hear ship sale testimonial

10:54 am on 14 May 2004

The Senate Select Investigative Committee of American Samoa, currently probing corruption in government, is reconvening on Monday, after a week-long break.

A cabinet member is scheduled to testify on Monday regarding the sale of the government vessel the MV Townsend Cromwell, which was sold for US$100,000 to a Samoa-based company, although the original estimate value of the research vessel stood at US$700,000.

On Tuesday, the director of Department of Parks and Recreation, Seui Laau Senior, will appear before the committee to answer a subpoena regarding the disbursement of funds for the government owned Iliili Golf Course.

On Wednesday, former chairperson of the Development Bank of American Samoa, First Lady Mrs Maryann Tulafono, and the governor's wife and current bank chairman Liufau Tanielu Sonoma will testify, based on subpoenas about loan policies and allegations of favouritism.

SSIC has also subpoenaed the Senators, Tuaolo Manaia Fruean, Tulifua Tini P. Lam Yuen and Misaalefua Hudson to testify on Thursday over the sole sourcing of contracts for Senate projects, which came under public scrutiny early this year.