13 May 2004

Pacific shipping company tightens security

3:59 pm on 13 May 2004

An explosion at a Los Angeles dock involving a container destined for the Marshall Islands has prompted Philippines, Micronesia and Orient Line to rachett up its security precautions.

A 20 foot container filled with goods for Ebeye Island in the Marshall Islands exploded at the dock in Los Angeles late last month, shutting down the container yard for all operations

The company's president, Robert T. Colson, says they were very fortunate that the container was not yet loaded to the ship or it could have been worse.

The incident has prompted PM&O to institute stricter documentation requirements for all shippers using PM&O, which links the central Pacific with the U.S. west coast ports and numerous ports in Asia.

Mr Colson says following the explosion, the investigation showed that the items on packing list were not consistent with the description on the shipper's export declaration.