13 May 2004

Two men reportedly rescued off Pitcairn

2:18 pm on 13 May 2004

It is reported that two men have been rescued after their boat capsized off Pitcairn Island.

A news release forwarded by the Pitcairn Islands Study Centre says that Randy Christian and Doctor Tom Scantlebury were retrieved from a sea cave after their boat was sunk by a wave yesterday afternoon.

A man who'd just returned from a fishing trip was alerted by radio to the missing men, and decided to check the cave.

It is reported that he found the pair in the cave and then used a radio to call for assistance, enabling longboats to be launched to bring the two men to safety.

Doctor Scantlebury, a Canadian who is on a three-month contract to the island as its medic, had suffered some cuts and bruising to the head.

It's reported the rescue involved nearly everyone living on Pitcairn Island, which has a population of just under fifty people.