13 May 2004

Call in Solomons for truth commission on ethnic unrest

3:36 pm on 13 May 2004

A former spokesperson and legal advisor to one of the Solomon Islands militia groups, the Malaita Eagle Force, says there should be a broad-based commission to look into the ethnic unrest of the 1990s.

Andrew Nori says there is a need to have a commission similar to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa to bring human rights abuses into the open.

He says light should be shed on what led to the ethnic unrest.

"Why did, why 20,000 Maliatans were forcefully evicted from Guadalcanal by people who were neighbours, who were brought up together for many generations. That's were a starting point should be. The retaliatory actions taken by the Malaita militants and the displaced Malaitans are all on record and they occurred and most of the information is available in the public domain."

Andrew Nori