11 May 2004

Further concerns voiced over Australian police deployment to Papua New Guinea

3:46 pm on 11 May 2004

There are further concerns being voiced over the planned deployment of Australian police to Papua New Guinea.

Professor Allan Patience, who is the chair of political science at the University of PNG, says Australia did not lay the foundations for a robust society when it was the colonial power.

He says the level of infrastructure left behind, and the educating and training of people in PNG, was abysmally low.

He says this has led to a high crime rate from few job opportunities and widespread corruption.

Mr Patience says Australia will need to make a far greater commitment than it plans to.

"It's cosmetic grandstanding. It's far too little. What sort of fantasies exist in Canberra, I don't know but a contingent of policeman and a few public servants is not going to solve a problem. It's not the solution. They've got to look at a far bigger commitment, far more resources, much more sensitively handled than they have been so far."

Professor Alan Patience says Australia needs to fund a massive health campaign to combat a HIV and TB pandemic and put money into education.