10 May 2004

WHO says HIV/Aids message in PNG is not getting through

11:23 am on 10 May 2004

The World Health Organisation in Papua New Guinea has admitted that current campaigns to raise awareness of HIV/Aids are falling short.

The organisation's representative Dr Yves Renauld was reacting to comments made by a visiting British Professor, Scarlett Epstein, who criticised awareness campaign methods for being too lenient.

Professor Epstein predicted that in 10 years over a fifth of all people in PNG would be infected.

Dr Renauld said awareness campaigns had to change.

"It doesn't work. I don't know if it is too lenient, or doesn't reach to the population or it don't find the correct way to address. Yes we have to add to the, the programming, including the therapy, so we are hoping to change a little."