6 May 2004

PNG's HIV carriers feared to number 1.5 million by 2014

3:39 pm on 6 May 2004

A workshop in Papua New Guinea has been told that in ten years because of AIDS about 350,000 children will live in an orphanage.

Professor Scarlett Epstein of Britain was speaking at the two-day HIV/AIDS and Media workshop in Port Moresby.

She is quoted by the National newspaper as predicting that by 2014 the population of PNG reaches seven million and 1.5 million of them will be living with the HIV/AIDS virus.

Professor Epstein says the current infection rate is frightening.

She say awareness campaign methods are too lenient and should be changed to to avoid a possible disaster.

She warns says the economy will also be crippled, as the working population will be affected, and, thus, it will plunder the nation in to more serious crisis.