6 May 2004

King of Tonga included on list of the world's predators of press freedom

3:40 pm on 6 May 2004

The King of Tonga has been included in a list of the world's predators of press freedom compiled by the campaign group, Reporters Without Borders.

It has published the list to coincide with World Press Freedom Day on monday.

Australia is also highlighted as having curbed press freedom in Nauru.

Reporters without Borders' US representative, Talia Dowlatshahi, says 2003 saw the opening up of press freedom in the Pacific, but that has come at a price.

"The growth of community radio and FM stations is a positive development for press freedom. But those radio stations which enabled millions of listeners throughout the Pacific to contribute to an open and free press will find themselves being threatened and harassed by members of governments in Pacific territories."

Talia Dowlatshahi of Reporters without Borders.